March & April 2022
Robert Mease

Robert Mease was born in 1941 in Long Beach, California, but has resided in Riverside for more than 50 years. He has had a lifelong interest in both studying and creating art. Over the years Robert has
taken art classes at Riverside City College, Long Beach State College (CSULB) and University of California Riverside Extension. As a member of various art organizations his work has been shown at the Riverside Art Museum, the Riverside Community Art Association, the Art Colony at Corona and the Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center. 


Robert's work is primarily representational but eclectic. He both draws and paints with acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor, and graphite. He has also dabbled in sculpture, collage and bas-relief. He has traveled extensively both in the United States and internationally which has afforded him the opportunity to see some of the great museums of the world and to visit many iconic sights. This exposure has influenced much of his artwork.

Robert on occasion does portraiture and has extensive experience in figure drawing from life. But he tends to go back to themes of the natural landscape and the works of humans within it.

In summary, Robert does art for the simple pleasure of creating and trying to capture in material form ideas and emotions as they come to him. It is his greatest reward when a piece turns out the way he had hoped, especially when others find interest and their own emotion and pleasure in his work.