October 2019
Emmanuelle Reynolds

Emmanuelle is a former president of Art Alliance and an artist of many
styles. She is the featured artist this month in our museum store and
reveals her varied and interesting background in her own words.


I was born in Paris France so I was surrounded and immersed in art at a
very young age. I was never without a pencil and small notebook as I loved
to capture the light filtering through a tree or the way the water shimmered
in the sunlight. Most of my Thursday mornings were spent at the Louvre
Museum for art appreciation from Middle School through High School. I
studied at La Sorbonne University and took art classes in pen and ink,
gauche and oil painting, but it was not until I moved to New Mexico and had
a family that I started painting again. Faces have always intrigued me and a
lot of my paintings have faces in them. I painted and sold many pastel
chalk paintings of Indian women as I was inspired by the natives of the
state. After I moved to California and finished raising my two boys, the art
bug got me again. This time I wanted to try different mediums so I did
watercolor, oil, liquid acrylics and now resin. My art has evolved from a
traditional style to a more modern and sometimes abstract, free flowing
form. I enjoy creating three dimensional textures and adding metal or
objects to create art that viewers want to touch. For now, having a specific
style would be too confining for me as I constantly enjoy experimenting with
new materials and paints. I draw inspiration from my travels and my
imagination. My aspiration when I finish a painting is to share an emotion or
a new place, real or imagined, and to create a sensory experience that
feels a little different for everyone.

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