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Kathy Bocian


Kathy Bocian


Art Float-Riverside, Riverside Art Market, Julia Morgan Bldg 50th Anniversary Celebration, Fundraising for the Cheech Marin Center for Arts, Culture, and Industry of the Riverside Art Museum, Blue Door Museum. 


There is nothing that Kathy Bocian can't take on, and she will do the task with grace and incredible efficiency! She is the original "energizer bunny."

- Patti Funder


My friend Friba Dawar spoke at an Art Alliance board meeting at Kathy Bocian's house. Art Alliance scholarships helped fund summer art programs for Glocally Connected, a local organization supporting refugee families and bringing newly arrived students to RAM. Friba and her daughters then spoke at an Art Alliance meeting and made the refreshments as well! I am grateful to Kathy for supporting that partnership and also for the cookbook she put together as a gift—I use it all the time!

—Dr. Nicolette Rohr

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