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Suzy Clem


Suzy Clem


Plaid Tidings, Art Alive. 


Suzy is someone who has always been a model of positivity. I was not yet a member when she was president of Art Alliance, but she continues to pitch in for all projects and RAM Board 110%, all while wearing an infectious smile and enthusiasm. I want to be Suzy when I grow up.

- Kathy Bocian

Suzy has unlimited enthusiasm for RAM. Plus, she is always quick to recognize the efforts of others in the most gracious way, as she did by reviving Top Dog.

- Patti Funder

I still remember the honor of the phone call asking if I would be willing to accept the position of President of the Art Alliance. It was a scary honor to be sure, but as always, there was a great team of Art Alliance members to support me and be on my Board.  One of my huge fun memories of my year was ART ALIVE, where florists were matched up with artworks for a fabulous fundraiser. We also had a program with two chefs—Jerry Baker and Leone Palagi—cooking something I don't remember, but I do remember one skillet catching fire! We also had a program with Phillip Warren, a florist from Redlands, and he brought a huge amount of flowers to demonstrate flower arranging. Art Alive was fabulous!!!  I have been an Art Alliance member since 1980 and no organization holds my heart like RAM and the Art Alliance.

- Suzy Clem

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