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Kathy Allavie


Kathy Allavie



The Giant Orange ARTventure, Off the Wall, Canstruction.


Off the Wall, Canstruction.


Kathy Allavie was President before I joined Art Alliance, but her influence and energy continued (lucky for us) long after her 2 year tenure (Two years! Who agrees to two years!!).  She approached me with the idea of Art Float in the spring of 2017.  It was a year long public art project... in a park... on a lake... available for everyone free for over a month.. Just the logistics were enough to make you faint. Then.... every child in the RUSD school district had a chance to PAINT the floats... with the supervision of Art Alliance volunteers. Then she had to find: somewhere to store the floats,  boats to launch the floats, inflate the floats, cement blocks to weight them, etc. This doesn't even begin to touch the work in collecting sponsors to make this a fund raiser.... $100,000.  It was spectacular event.  Dozens of people worked so hard on this... but they worked hard because of Kathy Allavie ... because they trusted her vision!  Thank you Kathy!

- Kathy Bocian


My daughter Morgan was inspired by the Art Float—Riverside project to create a wine glass.

- Patti Funder

I started in Art Alliance in 2006–2007 because Kathy Allavie recommended it. Our daughters had just graduated out of Ticktockers and we mothers needed a new outlet. What a great time to join Art Alliance. Kathy was president that year. She and Phyllis Crabtree were in the midst of launching the Giant Orange ARTventure. I remember the opening exhibition in White Park. It was delight! This was quickly followed by Off the Wall led by Sue Simonin. Needless to say I was impressed with the quality of art displayed and the impact of Art Alliance on Riverside’s art scene. It was a wonderful initiation into Art Alliance.  Kathy Allavie was so good that year, that she was asked to be president the following year. Kathy is an amazing leader in Art Alliance. She has led many of our most successful fundraising events. She partners with other talented Art Alliance members to create a truly collaborative and rewarding project. Whenever she has an idea, Art Alliance members flock to be involved. Thank you, Kathy for your commitment and creativity. Keep the ideas coming!

- Kathy Christmas 

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