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Kathy Christmas


Kathy Christmas


Blue Door Museum, Art Bark in the Park, Fundraising for the Cheech Marin Center for Arts, Culture, and Industry of the Riverside Art Museum. 


It was a honor to serve as Kathy Christmas's president-elect. She was the perfect leader during a trying time. She led us through the first few months of our stay at home confinement and helped us figure out how to operate during this time. 

- Anne Deem

I want to share a memory of Kathy Christmas as President of the Art Alliance. I remember the first meeting of the year and I had arrived early to support the Hospitality volunteers. When I arrived, Kathy was already there and had brought not one food item but if she didn't have enough to do or think about her first general meeting. Ever since that first meeting, Kathy has consistently prepared food for every meeting. What a generous person she is; so happy to call her my friend.

- Debra Johnson


This has been an exciting year for Membership with 12 new members and one returning member. We would like to recognize and thank all of the past presidents and especially Kathy Christmas for her leadership and support this year with its many challenges. Our new members really pitched in and enjoyed the preparation and decoration of this past year's Christmas tree with Kathy's suggested theme of Art Bark in the Park. Kathy was a big part of this endeavor and not only participated in the decorating but also opened up her home for us to gather and make our creative decorations. We are looking forward to the year ahead and hope to see all of you in person soon.

- Membership Chairs, Madelyn Warner and Denise Stevens 

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